“Do not go by the judgments of the world. Do not look at the events of your day the way unspiritual men look at them. You must learn to see with spiritual eyes, aware not only of the darkness, but especially of what the Lord is doing. The closer the end times come, the closer the time approaches of your Lord’s return, the more confusing events will become to natural men. They will not understand what the Lord your God is doing through the events of the latter days. There are great works the Lord has appointed to be done before the night comes.

The Lord seeks those who will stand with Him for His purposes for nations. Do not fear what the nations fear or be angry at what they are angry at. God is moving for nations that have long been held in darkness. Your Lord is shaking nations, seeking occasions to set their prisoners free. The breaking of those prison bars is not easy. There are men who stand as living expressions of the enemy’s desire to keep people in prison. But your God is moving that they will be let go. Peoples will come out of prison because your God did it. He will set whole countries free from the oppressions that have long held them in bondage. There are nations that have been in bondage for centuries, peoples who have been oppressed under the lash of the evil one for as long as can be remembered. There are children who are starving, naturally and spiritually, and your Lord cares about all of them.

No matter how difficult the perils may be, even to you, do not lose heart, but remember that God is gathering His Church. Stand with your God that the strongholds of the enemy may be brought down. The Lord is using and will use events to shake those prisons, to break open their bars and gates, in order to set their captives free. The Lord is able to shake those prisons to their very foundations, even to bring down their walls as completely as He brought down the walls of Jericho. You will be surprised to see how quickly some of these prison houses will fall, but it is because the Lord is working to set the captives of the evil one free.

Who cares that the lash has been bitter down through the centuries? The Lord will rescue the prisoners. God seeks those who will care for the prisoners. Will you stand with your God, and care as He cares? Will you care about the oppressed, the peoples who are bound by the enemy, the children who are starving and abused? Will you open your hearts to them, and love them with God’s love? Will you pray for them, standing with your God until He breaks down the gates that hold them captive?

The Lord has said that His Kingdom will include people from every nation, kindred, tongue, and tribe, a remnant that He will save out of every land. How can this be, that not even one of them will be lacking on that Day? The Lord your God has said that He will do it. His zeal will accomplish what He has purposed. But the Lord seeks those who will stand with Him in this great work, as He seeks to smite the strongholds and set the captives free. He calls upon you to join with Him in bringing forth the harvest that will come from every land on earth.”

Copyright ©2003 Christopher N. White.

(A prophecy given at the NTMF Bible Study at Carnegie Hall on 9/9/2003)