“Academia and the media usually view Darwin’s theory of evolution as a fact, a concept so thoroughly established as to be beyond serious challenge. Yet when Dr. Wayne Detmer, a good friend who is now working in inner city medicine in Chicago, attended his Introductory Biology class at Yale, the professor asked the students: ‘How many people here believe that God created man?’ Just a few hands went up, six or so, out of about 150. The professor then said, ‘I have to admit that it takes as much faith to believe in evolution as it does to believe that God created man.’

That professor is not alone in having doubts…”

Copyright ©2008 Christopher N. White (Originally published in The Yale Standard, April 2002.
Updated for the talk, “Darwin, Evolution, and God,” given at La Universidad de Los Andes,
Bogotá, Colombia, January 24, 2008)

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